Secure and convenient payments for websites

Your personal information is safe with Paydoh vouchers. Pay online on thousands of websites in 3 quick steps.

An extra secure payment option

Digital vouchers are a very secure way to make payments on your favorite websites.
They are activated instantly and can be redeemed within seconds.

How it works?

Takes about 15 seconds, saves you loads of trouble!

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    Voucher Value

    Select amount needed

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    Payment information

    Generate your voucher

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    Redeem with
secure code

  • Use your voucher code for social media & communities,
music, film and entertainment, and many more.

Why Paydoh?


A unique code for every transaction!

Your payments become discreet and secure ­­even without having to use your bank account.

Stroke 4596 + Stroke 4597 + Stroke 4598

An extra secure prepaid voucher!

The security of your transaction is ensured by an alphanumeric encryption. With this unique and secure code, fraudulent transactions and phishing are in no way possible.


Worry-free transactions!

Only authorized merchants will be able to receive your payments by combining the voucher code with the secure code on their end.